M160 / M160B

The M160 CW transceiver was frequently used in so called "Telegraphist's multicontest". Along with gunshooting, grenade throwing and running the young telegraphists contested in the real CW traffic, too. This radio is developed as table-top, but made a great performance in the open field, too. About one watt of output (switchable to QRP 100mW), good sensitivity and selectivity, runs from external 12V DC.

At the other hand, the design is not waterproof nor weatherproof, thus, in rainy weather at the open field the radios suffered from moisture. The frequency stability is relatively good, thanks to classic variable capacitor tuning, much better than at the similar Jizera transceiver. But, for the open field long term operation is not very good, too.

As a table-top, can do good service for a beginner or a bit advanced operator.

This piece in my collection is in a good shape, fully working, no mechanical nor electrical damages. I made some QSOs on it. The documentation is available.

At the second part of pictures, there is a modified version of M160, called M160B. This model was produced by "Elektronika Praha" company, in spite of former "Radiotechnika Teplice". Unfotunately, there's no specific documentation on M160B, although the models are very similar and the differences are just symbolic.
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