The Jizera 160m CW transceiver was developed for so called "Telegraphist's multicontest". Along with gunshooting, grenade throwing and running the young telegraphists contested in the real CW traffic, too. This radio is developed as table-top, but made a great performance in the open field, too. 10 watts of output was pretty sufficient for such a usage, radio has a good sensitivity and selectivity, consumes reasonable amount of power, has built-in electronic keyer, runs from 12V DC or 220V AC.

At the other hand, the design is not waterproof nor weatherproof, thus, in rainy weather at the open field the radios suffered from moisture. The frequency stability is very poor (varactor tuned LC VFO, using ordinary potentiometer, poor temperature compensation), thus, repeated frequency adjustment is needed, especially in the open field, where temperature quickly varies and, because of the non-weatheproof design, the wind flows through the inside of the radio enclosure.

Used as a table-top, can do good service for a beginner or bit-advanced operator.

This piece in my collection is in a good shape, fully working, no mechanical nor electrical damages. I made some nice QSOs on it. The documentation is available, [block diagram] [part1] [part2], thanks to Petr, OK1RP.

All photos are © OK1UHU, 2011