The VAW010 model was the first approach to the remote control radio for controlling the industrial systems. The main application area was the forest industry - controlling of the forest machinery. Furthermore, it was used to control the cranes, tap lines, blast furnace supplying and much more.

Technically, it is a "hybrid", made from different parts of the 1st generation TESLA radio sets. The box and battery compartment was taken from VXW100. The transmitter board is (almost unmodified) transmitter from VXW010. The tone encoders are the electromagnetical encoder transducers, taken from the family VXN101/110. But the resulting solution is very stable and rugged.

Electrically, the box works in a 56-58MHz band, which was assigned for radio remote control i ČSSR formerly. It delivers about 100mW at 12V/0,15A supply. The "important" commands are sent as a combination of two from eleven tones, sent simultaneously - for a basic security fom a random signal activation. The "unimportant" ones just as a plain single tones. Just check the sound clip.

I modified one of the "unsealed" boxes to the 6m HAM band - to perform some practical tests and the system appeared pretty good working.

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