The third (and last) model of police radio, based on successful PR35, five channels. This model was intended for non-covert usage, but equipped with a "telegram" module, delivering ANI and some "typical performance codes" - emergency and range test. Thus every PR37 transmits, using 1200Bd simple encoding, its 3-byte individual number, followed by 00 (plain TX), FF (emergency) or 98 (range test) byte.

The radio was not very popular at the czech police, but, frankly saying, most of the failures were caused by a harsh usage by the ordinary policemen. There was only a very basic accessories to the radio, counting only long whip, usual rubberduck and extremely short antenna, external speaker/mic and in-ear earphone for silent operation.

Again, the radio has permanently active "voice scrambler" (notice the telegram at the beginning) and single tone alert system. The concept of the radio is single RX crystal per channel, 21,4 MHz 1st IF, 100 kHz 2nd IF and simplex mode only by a mixing of 21.4 MHz LO. Power output is about 400 mW, good sensitivity and very low standby current. There is a complete service documentation available for swap.

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