Covert usage police/secret police radio, made by TESLA in the 80'ies of last century. Flat design, set by TESLA VUST in the beginning of 70'ies and verified by successful public model PR35. The radio delivers 0.5W in the 70-80MHz band, has a surprising sensitivity, 5 crystal controlled channels, single crystal per channel mode.

Runs on generic 6V battery pack. There is a very wide set of accessories, inherited from the preceding FAUN model, including covert and conventional microphones, vibrational signalling system, covert wire antenna, extremely shortened helical antenna and more.

The radio is equipped by a standard Czech police voice scrambler (invertor), which is permanentely in use (cannot be switched off) - listen to the sound clip, saying "This is a scrambler test, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5". The vibration activating tone is at the beginning of the clip, too.

This piece in my collection is in the A+ state, probably never used, fully working, checked on radio tester. Service documentation available for swap, NOT FOR SALE!

All photos are © OK1UHU, 2011