Army paging receiver PR-10 ("Ozvěna")

Army paging receiver of the second generation, end of 80's. The first generation of army paging did not allow the addressing of individual pagers, but about 40 groups only. At this receiver, CCITT over AM was used for individual and group paging. Every receiver has an unique 5 number address (01091 of my example) and there was a two-digit payload info. So far I remember

and many others. The working frequencies were 2580 and 1814 kHz, maybe some others. The receiver was produced by The Military Technical Institute of Electronics (Vojenský technický ústav elektronický, VTÚE) in Prague. Notice the controller chip, marked "VUST" (at the last picture). Those chips were produced in The Research Institute of Communiction Technology (Výzkumný ústav sdělovací techniky) A. S. Popova in Prague. This is a proof, that in the early 90's there was a possibility to produce full feature customer ICs in former Czechoslovakia.
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