The first attempt of The Czech Central Radioclub's Manufactories (URD) to produce a small, lightweigt, compact CW transceiver, either for HAM radio, or for the Telegraphist's multicontest. This transceiver is very simplistic, receiver works on a direct-mixer principle, transceiver uses the same VFO. Thus, the tune-in to the correct frequency of a communication patrner is a matter of experience. The sensitivity and selectivity is given by the direct-mix principle, the PA delivers about 1W output. There is a very good ATU built in, thus, almost any wire can be tuned.

The transceiver runs from internal 3x3F12 batteries, or from external 12V, two pairs of headphones and a straight key can be connected. The frequency stability is surprisingly good.

The piece in my collection is in a good shape, no mechanical nor electrical damages. I used it for a long time as a beacon transmitter for ARDF, as an ARDF monitoring receiver and for portable QRP work on 80m, too.

All photos are © OK1UHU, 2011