The most popular ARDF receiver in Czech ever. Made by URD (Central Radioclub Manufactories) since the begin of 70ies as a successor of JUNIOR receiver, there are some improvements made, but the basic concept remains the same - single direct conversion receiver, balanced mixer, yet IC AF amplifier. The most useful improvement are the plastic ferrite antenna protectors. At the other hand, the rod antenna, made from bicycle wire and mounted by only an M3 screw apperaed very easy breakable and frequently broken.

The other most brittle part of the receiver is the ferrite rod antenna. Although in a protective caps, one more heavy downfall of the receiver to the ground can break it. Unfortunately, the geometry of the rod is unusual (dia 7.7 mm x 100 mm length). Thanks to friends, who offered a spare piece ...

Not looking to that, there were plenty of those receivers made an they proved their very simple, easy-to-repair and very long lasting design. Running from one 4,5V flat battery, the operational time was pretty sufficient for many contests.

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